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WHS Comet Sports Complex Sponsor Drive Fundraiser

We want to become a proud sponsor and at the same time, raise funds so our son as well as all future children in our district will have a great place to play when they reach high school.  To get on the future Comet Wall of Honor, we need to reach the one of the recognition levels mentioned on the donation picture above.  Our goal is to reach the "Comet" level to qualify, but if we raise more, the better!  Our plan is to have the tile read "Next Stop Kids Shop & Friends" so everyone will see how much we care about the future of Comet sports and our continued commitment to our children in high school.  We're going to utilize our fundraising vouchers on this one. When you buy these vouchers, you'll help contribute to the fundraising!  We'll keep the vouchers, and once the fundraising ends, we'll make a special spin wheel from our app.  Then for a limited time when you make a purchase, you'll get to spin the wheel and get to take home a voucher to use on your next visit!  It's our way of thanking the community for helping us become a sponsor and contributing to the future of high school sports in Waupaca.  Stop in, email, or call for more details or to participate.  Thank you in advance for helping us out!

Event ended 12/31/2017

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